About me

MEGHAN TUTOLO lives in a greener suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she shares space with her guy friend and his overweight cat. By day, Meghan serves as sole writer and editor for an international Italian foods company, where she romances olives and pasta. She also teaches English Composition at a local college.

Meghan considers herself a poet, a painter, a (beginner) ukulele player, a crazy cat lady in-the-making, and a (professional) insomniac. In her downtime (what downtime?), she can be found doing any or all of these, scribbling and doodling in vacant lots and coffee shops. Really, she just wants to do "all the things," but her friends tell her she needs to sleep.

She loudly considers herself:  too sensitive, a fast walker, the Moon, a seeker, not much of a girl, a "hot mess," Universe-obsessed, out-of-style, too much, an artist and Napoleon (in a past life)—among others descriptors.

Her poems have appeared in Nerve Cowboy, Chiron Review, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Arsenic Lobster, Main Street Rag, and Pear Noir. An upcoming chapbook, Little as Living, is set to be published by Dancing Girl Press in early 2014.

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